What payment methods can I use? 

we-accept  Payment methods Visa  Payment methods Mastercard      Payment methods Money Order

You can choose from the following payment methods: 

- Visa
- Master Card
- American Express
- Discover
- Money Order

* Green Machine Fraud Prevention Policy requires that all orders paid with American Express credit cards must be shipped to the billing address listed for the card being used.  Green Machine reserves the right to cancel and refund any order that is not being shipped to the original billing address.

Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer

Direct Deposits or Wire transfers are not directly handled on our website. To send Green Machine a Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer, provide the originating bank with the following information:

Account Name:  Eco Buddies

Account #:  1067388

Bank Name:  Northeast Bank

Bank Address:  77 Broadway St NE                        

                                 Minneapolis, MN USA 55413

(Routing Number) ABA #: 50710011

(Swift Code) BIC Code:  00000

Additional bank fees that may apply are the sole responsibility of the customer. Your Green Machine order number must be noted on the wire transfer in order to ensure the proper application of the funds to your transaction.


Do you accept PayPal?

No - We cannot accept PayPal payments due to their rules against selling Glass Pipes.

Can I pay using a Money Order?

Yes - follow normal checkout procedures. You will have the option to choose Money Order as payment. Please email or call us at 612-367-4447 and confirm that you have sent your money order payment within 24 hours.  If Green Machine does not receive your money order payment within 5 business days, your order will be cancelled.  We only accept Money Orders for payment. No Personal Checks will be accepted.  Money Orders must be in USD Funds.

Signature Requirements:

Green Machine reserves the right to add a signature requirement to any order at our discretion for security reasons.

Failed or Declined Payments:

If you need help with a failed payment that is pending in your bank account, your answer is here!

Please do not panic, these are temporary authorizations, they will not post. If you tried to make a payment to us, and received a message that the payment failed but you still see a charge on your account from us, it means that the banking system has put a temporary hold on the funds. The failed payment is a pending transaction that will never go through. Most holds in the USA will drop off in about 2 to 3 business days, but sometimes it takes longer. Most holds outside of the USA will drop off in 3 to 5 business days. 

Each time you make a payment attempt and the payment attempt fails or declines, a warning message from our site pops up saying you that there will be a temporary authorization on the funds. 

The most common reasons that you will receive a payment failed message are:

1.  Your billing address and/or zip code does not match what is on file with your financial institution. 

2.  Your CVV code is incorrect

3.  Your transaction was declined by your financial institution.

If you tried to pay multiple times, and received the message that the payment failed multiple times, you may see multiple holds on your funds.  These charges are all pending, and will not go through. The transactions may show up as pending transactions on your credit card or bank statement until and your financial institution release the holds on the amounts.